Gender Diversity Management Competition 2nd Round

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What we do:

EconoWin works to improve conditions for the integration of women in business and employment in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. It does this through four program components:

News from EconoWin:

Gender Diversity Management: Partnerships with Business Assocations
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One of EconoWin’s focus topics is to improve employment opportunities for women in the private sector. The programme currently works with seven private companies in MENA and promotes ‘Gender Diversity Management’ – a human resources approach aimed at fostering recruitment, …

Om Amira Screening at Al Huson Refugee Camp
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In celebration of International Women’s Day, the ANA HUNNA short film “Om Amira” was screened at Al-Huson refugee camp on the 8th of March 2016 in Northern Jordan as a part of an event organized by FASPAR; a GIZ project …

ANA HUNNA Educational Kit: Training for Trainers
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Morocco & Tunisia. Last week partner organizations from Morocco and Tunisia participated in a two day “Training of Trainers” workshop in Rabat organized by EconoWin and Tanmia. Participants prepared simulation workshops using the ANA HUNNA Educational Kit. In the Kit …