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GSVC Conference Report, Tunis, December 2014

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What we do:

EconoWin works to improve conditions for the integration of women in business and employment in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. It does this through four program components:

News from EconoWin:

Gender Sensitive Value Chain Projects: Long-Term Outcome

From 2012 to 2013, EconoWin implemented seven Gender Sensitive Value Chain (GSVC) projects in its target countries Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. Independent consultants now conducted about 750 interviews with beneficiaries and project partners in all four countries, to see whether …

“ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring is motivating for both female students and their mentors”

Getting female students ready for the job market, that is one of the goals of the ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring. In cooperation the Université Hassan 1er de Settat, Casablanca, Morocco and the Center for Women’s Studies, University of Jordan, EconoWin …

GIZ Toolbox on Promoting Equal Participation

In the past years, GIZ developed several approaches and tools to support the implementation of its gender policies and strategies. Thus, a toolbox has been developed to disseminate “how –to” information and best practices. EconoWin has contributed to this newly published …