An up‘lift’ing experience – Dar Al Omran’s Hala Sinno meets Zoe Panagiotidou from Kleemann Lifts

In the frame of the GD Circulator’s Peer – 2 – Peer Exchange, Hala Sinno, Senior Strategy & Development Officer at Dar Al Omran, visited her peer Zoe Panagiotidou, HR Generalist at Kleemann, in Kilkis, Greece, in May 2017.

Here’s what Hala Sinno told us about her experience:

“During our peer to peer journey, we have been communicating frequently via Skype, emails, phone calls, but my visit in Greece was one of the key milestones. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange more information and knowledge regarding our GDM experiences face-to-face.

“Zoe prepared an excellent agenda for my visit with the factory tour being one of the highlights. We also held a very useful strategy analysis workshop to exchange best practices and lessons learnt.

“We share a lot of GMD challenges, from stereotypes regarding women being hired in sales roles to resistance from women themselves to being part of a male dominant department. It’s also a tough environment for women as the work requires a lot of traveling. A lot of women around the world share the same challenges since they’re often the main caregivers, yet it’s important we help them if they want to have other roles in life.”

“We discussed some ways of overcoming those challenges and shared best practices, for example, optimizing the recruitment and career development process by having detailed criteria or conducting gender diversity awareness training to all employees in all levels of the company.”

“All in all, it was an exceptional learning experience.”

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