ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring in Jordan: Widening professional Horizons

ANA HUNNA Jordan is running its second round of female mentoring in cooperation with the University of Jordan’s Center for Women’s Studies, involving 24 inspirational tandems. Mentees get the chance to widen their networks and to benefit from a personalized development opportunity, in addition to developing new skills to enhance their self-confidence and motivation to take up their career

“Before the training, I used to be really anxious about speaking in front of a class. As a result of the training, I’ve recently managed to deliver a couple of presentations using the valuable techniques and tricks I’ve gained from the training.” ANA HUNNA mentee Khanum Alkhadra

Initially mentors and mentees identify the key learning areas to be addressed throughout the mentoring sessions. To improve the 24 new mentees’ communication skills a one-day training was delivered by expert trainer Mr. Fadi Baqain. Communication processes as well as effective presentation techniques were introduced. Enhanced communication skills ultimately would enrich the mentoring experience and support mentees in mastering needed human relations skills in today’s working environment.

 The training was informative and, best of all, packed with practical tools we can instantly use to make us more effective leaders.ANA HUNNA mentor Maha Amro

Mentors are retrained as well to equip them with new skills for the mentoring process. Based on their preferences the 24 new mentors received a training on “Influence & Leadership”, designed in collaboration with the world-class training center Dale Carnegie. The training presented the principles of emotional intelligence and communication keys to become more influential in motivating and inspiring mentees to let their professional dreams come true.