ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring Power Walk: fast feet to success

Text inspired by Rand Barham and Nadia Darwish

 “ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring project is a magnificent experience. Having an experienced professional female mentor is amazing”, the mentees Rand and Nadia agree.

In the year-long relationship between mentee and mentor, a road-map towards pursuing future aspirations is set up early on. On the mentoring journey, a mentee will walk many different paths: from discovering new things, connecting with great people and developing relationships with business professionals in the aspired fields of work. All those experiences put the mentee one step closer to pursue its dream career.

Side of the Power Walk at Al- Salt City

On May 25, coinciding with the 71st Independence Day of Jordan, ANA HUNNA mentees from the first and current round participated in a very special networking event, the so called “ANA HUNNA Power Walk” at the old city of Al Salt.

ANA HUNNA alumni’s and current mentees were excited to meet and found plenty of opportunities to share ideas, ask questions and network. This years’ ANA HUNNA mentees were absorbing ever word of the alumni’s, learning from their past mentoring experience, their transition into the labour market and getting to know strong, capable and empowered women.

Rand Barham, ANA HUNNA Mentee

Rand, ANA HUNNA Mentee, says “Our diverse academic and social backgrounds enriched the activity and added value to the group which made this walk remarkable.”

The walk kicked off with ice breaking activities aimed to strengthen the bond among participants. This created an opportunity to exchange ideas shaped through mentoring. The participants, all wearing ANA HUNNA t-shirts, were then set off with a mission to find out some secrets of the old city. The ANA HUNNA Logo caught so much attention in the street that the mentees found themselves explaining the initiative and mentoring programme to many people in the old city.  At the end, participants met again as a group at Beit Aziz, a renovated cultural heritage site, now a bed and breakfast, in Al Salt to let the day end with a joint lunch.

We had so much fun, working in harmony to complete the ‘City Clue Tour’, where we got to uncover the city’s history by working collaboratively and interacting with the local community” says Rand. “People we met were very curious to learn more about ANA HUNNA after spotting the logo on our shirts, and we felt truly proud to give them some insights about the program.”, she added.

Nadia Darwish, ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring alumnus

 I feel that Ana Hunna mentoring experience has truly inspired me to become an active and effective member in my community. It has empowered me and shown me that if you work hard, dream big and focus from an early age on the important things you can achieve your goals and become independent. If I could describe this experience in one word it would be: Inspiring.”, notes Nadia.