EconoWin leaves an impression at the “Fingerprint of Change” conference in Jordan

EconoWin Jordan has participated in the 12th Human Resources Conference under the title: “Fingerprint of Change” which was held in Amman, Jordan between 17-20 July, 2017.  An impressive lineup of twenty-four international and local speakers featuring Mr. Brad Boyson, the CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resource management. Mr. Boyson gave insights on the latest strategies that are shifting Human Resources (HR) practices from operational perspective to talent management.

The conference brought together HR associates, experts and professionals from leading MENA companies to exchange on fundamental issues such as recruiting strategies, HR metrics and performance management, talent trends, employee engagement, change management and other topics.

EconoWin contributed with a session on its Gender Diversity Management (GDM) approach. Nour Moghrabi, EconoWin National Project Manager, highlighted the benefits of creating an inclusive workforce through adopting GDM, which provides a gender lens through which businesses can analyze their policies and practices to better attract, retain and promote female talents.

The Human Resources Conference is organized by Reference for Consultation and Business Development, with the support of The International Association for People & Performance Development (IAPPD) and Palestinian Banking Institute.