Girls’ Day around the year

Young female students will discover the professional world throughout their summer break

Girls’ Day provides female high school students with an opportunity to shadow so companies’ employees during their daily tasks in fields that are often male-dominated, enhancing the professional orientation of the participating girls. In Cairo and Alexandria, over 100 girls participated in more than 40 companies this year at Girls’ Day.

Continuing the success of Girls’ Day, the GIZ/ EconoWin initiative ANA HUNNA in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, PASCH Schools, and private sector companies extend the opportunity for improved professional orientation of young female talents in Cairo and Alexandria – from a one day job shadowing, the Girls’ Day, to a more in-depth summer experience through female mentoring and summer internships.

The additional activities were well received. Kicking off the summer break opportunities with an assessment workshop on May 23 in Alexandria, 20 girls took opportunity to learn more about the offered summer activities. Facilitated by the ANA HUNNA team, the workshop focused on learning more about girls’ abilities and professional dreams. The concept of mentoring and internship opportunities was introduced to a crowd of curious and highly motivated girls. After the participation of the assessment workshop, the successful applicants will be matched to a participating company. Companies like Mercedes, Unilever, Pirelli, Ezz Steel, Elvy Weaving, Young Leaders, Job Nile and many more are continuing their support to the Girls’ Day and its new summer programme. The young female talents will either join a company for a 2-4 week internship or be matched with a female mentor from the companies with whom they will engage in mentoring tandems throughout the summer vacation.
In Cairo, the assessment workshop will be held on June 16 at the Goethe-Institut in Dokki. The GIZ/ANA HUNNA team plans for an equally successful event.