Gamejamming for Diversity

Umniah’s HR Director Sami Jarrar visited his peer Natalie Mellin at King, a mobile games company, in Sweden in May 2017. The agenda was packed. He was introduced to many of Natalie’s HR colleagues and to different HR teams; among others to the team working on multiculturalism and to the team working on introducing youth to gaming development. In the different meetings, he could exchange with King’s HR staff on how they go about GDM and HR in general. He got the chance to see many of their policies/materials.

Here’s what Sami Jarrar told us about his experience so far: “Our partnership with King is a great opportunity to take the concept of diversity to the next level through learning from each other’s experiences. Applying this concept results in an inclusive work environment that not only increases productivity, but more importantly boosts creativity

“Although Umniah and King come from different cultural backgrounds, they both share the high tech culture, which is always in pursuit of innovation, fresh ideas, and unique customer experience.”

“This partnership is helping us engage and inspire female, as well as male, talent in accordance with best practices. It will also help both Umniah and King understand the challenges of a more diversified and inclusive in workplace environments in their respective countries and around the world.”

One amazing result of the visit was the agreement to organize a joint gaming week in Jordan for youth. It will take place in October and will consist of an open seminar, visits to universities and gaming studios, a training in gaming development for selected IT students, and a gamejam, a gaming competition for youth.  The gaming week promises to be a celebration of innovation powered by diversity, inclusion and the friendship between Jordanian and Swedish people.

Some impressions from Sami’s visit: