ANA HUNNA began as a film festival focused on empowering women int he MENA region.  Now, it has become a movement, and continues to inspire and assist women to fulfill their potential.

“I am here.”

All started with an Open Call in 2011 for short films – both fictional and documentary in nature. More than 100 filmmakers and screenwriters from Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco submitted script ideas with their stories on the topic of women and work.

Eight short films were co-produced by the ANA HUNNA initiative and, today, more than twenty partnering organizations in the four countries are breathing and living the spirit of ANA HUNNA. The films have been shown at more than 400 events and showcased at 15 film festivals around the world, attracting more than 10,000 viewers up to the present.

What started out as films offering a panorama of different perspectives on the topic of women and work – realization of personal life goals, independence, the necessity of earning a living or women who are positive role models – has grown into a movement calling for women to be self-determined, active and powerful in the economy and society. The films are now at the heart of the ANA HUNNA film and media campaign.

What now?

The ANA HUNNA initiative is growing and becoming more and more inter-connected. Together with its partner organizations, EconoWin is upscaling the success of ANA HUNNA. Training material based on the ANA HUNNA films promoting discussion of the topic “women & work” and sensitizing its users to gender bias and stereotypes has been jointly developed with partner organizations. The ANA HUNNA Educational Kit, ANA HUNNA Manual, ANA HUNNA Workbook and ANA HUNNA films enable professionals from all fields – NGOs, schools, companies and others – to initiate vigorous debate on how to better integrate girls and women into the economy. Such materials inspire young girls to dare for more and dream of a professional career while overcoming the fate of being put on the side-lines solely on the basis of their gender.

Another major factor in this success since 2012 has been the ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring project This has enabled young, aspiring, female graduates inspired by experienced and successful professionals to make the transition from university to the labor market .

By 2018, an independent structure will have been established and registered in Germany to  coordinate the international ANA HUNNA network in a sustainable manner. While the cooperation and activities in the MENA region continue, Germany will be added to map. ANA HUNNA is a catalyst in the fulfilment of women’s socio-economic potential within thriving economies and prosperous societies.

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