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Association of Upper Egypt for Education and Development (AUEED)

aueAUEED was established in 1940, and leads education and development initiatives in Upper Egypt.

“Our mission is rooted in the school being the focal point for community development where children get their education, values and learn to participate in the development of their local communities.”

Noon Creative Enterprise


The Egyptian enterprise works with professionals within the performing arts industry, civil society, youth and children and corporations.



Since its foundation in 2004, the Associaton Tanmia has supported civil society in Morocco.

Tanmia offers innovative tools and services that use new information and communication in mobilizing capacities, activating experience and democratizing the access to information.

Center for Women’s Studies University of Jordan

The Center for Women’s Studies is considered one of the main units at the University of Jordan, awarding Masters degrees. It has increasingly gained the attention and support of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bin Talal.

The center was founded in 2006, originating from a program in Women’s Studies that had been established in 1998. The program grew to become a department for Women’s Studies and, later on, specialized in women’s issues at local, national, and international levels.

CREDIF – Centre de Recherche, d’Etudes de Documentation et d’Information sur la Femme

CREDIF was established in August 1990 as a research centre specializing in issues related to the situation of women in Tunisia. CREDIF was created to help enforce the status of women through research, reports, and data collection.

Association for Women’s Total Advancement and Development (AWTAD)

AWTAD is a non-profit association that works with women and youth in the fields of personal, professional and social development. We aim at creating a trust-based network that facilitates the exchange of ideas and know-how.

“We believe these exchanges are essential to give women and youth the needed encouragement to materialize their business ideas, feeding on a culture of entrepreneurship, which we strongly supports and actively works on.”

Ministry of Interior, Jordan

moiThe Jordanian Ministry of the Interior aims to develop Jordanian society and improve the lives of citizens in various aspects.

Through its different departments it expedites the implementation of development projects that raise the level of economic and social services in the Jordanian provinces.

Royal Film Commission (RFC)

rfcjRFC is a leading organization in the field of film industry and training. RFC vision is to build a world class, cutting-edge film industry in Jordan where all people of the Middle East can freely make films alongside the world’s most talented artists.

RFC works with youth and local community, and initiates programs that reflect the children’s needs and empower them to speak up about their issues, participate more actively in their communities, and think creatively and critically about themselves and their roles in society.

Ma3mal 612 Think Factory

ma3malMa3mal 612 also focuses on the idea of Identity and Art. Amongst many projects, Ma3mal 612 started Karama Human Rights Film Festival as its first and most important project.

The Idea of Ma3MAL Think factory 612 was created to fill a need to work independently and freely for creative projects of our choice.

Notre culture d’abord, Tunisia (Our Culture First)

“Notre culture d’abord” has been active in the Tunisian cultural and artistic scene since 2012. The association supports local Tunisian culture promoting self-organization and freedom and diversity of faith, aiming for a greater richness in terms of content and resources.

In particular, Notre culture d’abord reaches out to artists and other cultural actors in inner Tunisia, offering them the chance to get involved in cultural events.