Project basics

EconoWin, in cooperation with carefully selected universities, non-governmental organizations and private sector companies in Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, provides professional orientation and career advancement opportunities for ambitious female students through four different female mentoring activities. These allow women to acquire first-hand know-how tailored to their current situation and specific needs. Mentoring opens up structures and helps the mentee to realize professional and personal development goals more quickly and successfully.

Why female mentoring in the MENA region?

Today, the number of female students and graduates in the MENA region equals that of their male counterparts. Young women in EconoWin partner countries often come top of their class. They are motivated to enter the workforce and embark on  a meaningful career. In order to provide ambitious, qualified female students better opportunities to enter the job market, EconoWin and its local partners have developed various mentoring activities for women. Inspirational female role models act as mentors, give career advice, share their experience and provide access to their professional networks. The mentees enhance their skills, broaden their networks and design their own career paths. Consequently, they enter the job market equipped with the required set of skills and a clear idea of where they are heading.

ANA HUNNA is running its third round of Female Mentoring in cooperation with the University of Jordan’s Center for Women’s Studies, involving twenty aspiring young female participants. Girls’ Day, a one-day job shadowing activity, is being organized jointly in cooperation with the Goethe Institut and PASCH Schools in Egypt and Tunisia. On April 27th 2017, young, female, PASCH school students will enjoy the opportunity of taking a look behind the scenes and experience a typical day’s work in a company. The Girls’ Day is followed by potential internship or mentoring opportunities for the participating individuals. A regional up-scaling of the activity is planned for the future.

A more company-driven approach to female mentoring will be implemented in cooperation with  IACE and AGEF, partnering business associations from Tunisia and Morocco, as well as universities and companies active in the local context. The leading mentoring academy in Germany, Europäische Akademie für Frauen in Politik und Wirtschaft (EAF) Berlin, cooperates with EconoWin and its partners in conceptualizing the approach.