EconoWin encourages the professional orientation of female students through same-gender  mentoring as an integral part of striving for the economic integration of women in the MENA region.

Four different female mentoring approaches are currently being implemented or developed:

How does mentoring work?

A female talent, the mentee, seeks professional and personal advice from an inspirational female mentor, a female senior professional. Mentee and mentor form a pair who meet on a regular, often monthly, basis. Through additional training modules and mentee/mentor networking meetings, the pairs are equipped to build a strong mentoring relation and support each other’s development by means of the process.

Tandem meetings
Mentor and mentee meet regularly after agreeing on the mentee’s personal and professional objectives  during the mentoring year. Tandem meetings consist of three elements; orientation and advice, monitoring, and development of professional skills
Qualification and training
Mentors and mentees receive various training in soft skills based on a collective needs assessment. The additional skills are useful assets for the professional presentation of the mentee.
Networking meetings
Mentors and mentees attend networking meetings to build and increase their circle of professional contacts. Inspiring and being inspired by others is a key element of these meetings.

Company–driven Female Mentoring:

This approach is currently being developed by EconoWin in cooperation with the business associations IACE (Tunisia) and AGEF (Morocco) supported by the leading mentoring academy in Germany; Europäische Akademie für Frauen in Politik und Wirtschaft (EAF) Berlin. In collaboration with universities and the private sector, EconoWin and its partners are developing an approach to target highly-talented female recruits for bottleneck professions. Pilot projects in Tunisia and Morocco will commence in mid-2017.

University-driven Female Mentoring -the ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring:

Universities provide their female students with mentoring opportunities to support them in the process of professional orientation and personal development

The first round of the ANA HUNNA female mentoring project, involving 31 mentor/mentee pairs, started in 2012 with the participation of Cairo University (Egypt) and University Mohamed V in Souissi Rabat (Morocco). Three years later, the second round of ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring was launched in cooperation with the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of Jordan, and Hassan the First University in Settat, Morocco.

At the time of writing, the third round of ANA HUNNA Female Mentoring is taking place in cooperation with the Centre for Women’s Studies, University of Jordan.

In-company Female Mentoring:

Companies are offering mentoring opportunities to their internal female talent to support them on their career path.

EconoWin is working on this idea. Please get in touch for project ideas, cooperation possibilities and general interest by contacting us at:

Professional orientation through internships and job shadowing:

High school students are given the opportunity to take a look ‘behind the scenes’ to develop interest for specific job profiles, e.g. Girl’s Day with add on internship and mentoring opportunities.

Having launched the inaugural Girls’ Day (2015) in cooperation with Sekem,Egypt, EconoWin has been pioneering the practice of job shadowing and taking a behind-the-scenes look to inspire girls and young women. In 2016, the Goethe Institut in cooperation with the PASCH schools in Egypt initiated a Girls’ Day in Cairo. Within the framework of a new cooperation, EconoWin, the Goethe Institut and the PASCH schools are organizing the Girls’ Day, taking place on 27th April, 2017. The Girls’ Day will will be sustained through mentoring or internship opportunities for the participants to gain meaningful behind-the-scenes experience of their ideal jobs. A regional up-scaling of this activity is currently being considered.