Partnership with TUI

EconoWin cooperates with the German tour operator, TUI,  mobilizing the potential of young, female students from unprivileged backgrounds who are motivated to earn their living in one of the country’s strongest economic sectors, namely Tourism.

The Tunisian economy relies, to a large extent, on the tourism sector. Improving service quality and increasing the diversity of offers within the sector has a major impact on the country’s economic development. A qualified workforce, of which women currently account for 20%, is key to this. In order to prepare young women for entry into this internationally competitive market, they need to be equipped with appropriate skills. Young, qualified women will increase the talent pool and enhance the performance of tourist industry ventures. In this way, the entire sector can benefit.

In 2012, the German tour operator, TUI, decided to invest in activating the potential of a young and highly-motivated female workforce for the Tunisian tourism sector. As a result, in cooperation with GIZ , TUI launched an initiative, ultimately implemented by EconoWin, under the banner; “TUI/GIZ opens up the tourism sector to Tunisian women”.

Together with the North African Institute for Management and Tourism (IMM), TUI and EconoWin supported 40 female students. These young women benefited from scholarships and extra-curricular activities such as language courses, educational tours and internships in tourism-related companies.

An additional product of the joint project is the development of three internship guides that respectively focus on interns, schools and touristic ventures. The guides enable female students to derive the maximum benefit from their internship and give advice to employers and schools on how to guide an intern through this learning experience in order to enhance their competitiveness in the job market.


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