Project Basics

EconoWin promotes employment of young women in the private sector through the introduction of Gender Diversity Management (GDM) by companies in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. Click below to jump to a topic:

Why Gender Diversity Management in MENA?

Despite witnessing the closing of the gender gap in terms of education, the ever-growing pool of qualified and educated female talent remains untapped. Some 60% of young female graduates are unemployed in Egypt, in Jordan, the figure is 40%, while around one third of female Moroccan graduates are out of work. 70 million women live in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia – a substantial economic potential.

GDM as a “must-have” – EconoWin cooperates with companies

EconoWin is cooperating with twenty “first frontrunner” companies in the four countries to professionalize the management of gender diversity to win, keep and promote female talent. After winning the Gender Diversity Competition in 2014, Vodafone Egypt, Dar El-Omran and Umniah in Jordan, BMCI in Morocco and Vermeg and Amen in Tunisia were the first companies to enter into cooperation with EconoWin. A second Gender Diversity Competition in 2015 witnessed a great return on applications; 14 additional companies were selected and are currently implementing outstanding projects on GDM.

Multiplying GDM – EconoWin partners with Business Associations

“When women work, economies win” – Partnering business associations (BA) in the four countries are key drivers promoting the commonly-shared vision of the economic integration of women. In the near future, these BAs will be able to support member companies in applying GDM.

Gender Diversity Circulator – closing the gap between MENA and Europe

Connecting all stakeholders at both national and regional level is an integral part of the approach. Fostering the sharing of best practice among all our partners promotes the creation of innovate ideas and enables further lobbying for the topic GDM. The GD Circulator is the international platform to boost GDM. Generating innovation, sharing visions and jointly moving towards Agenda 2030 are just several key terms connected to the GD Circulator.

The GD Circulator is the first of its kind, connecting MENA and Europe in the field of Gender Diversity Management.

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