GD Circulator

The GD Circulator is a global exchange platform with 40 companies already selected from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Connecting companies both regionally and globally creates the potential to collaboratively enhance the economic and political relevance of GDM. The GD Circulator boosts know-how and strengthens networks on Gender Diversity Management. Click below to jump to a topic:

GD Circulator at a Glance


The first GD Circulator conference will be hosted in Berlin, Germany by  Commmerzbank during November 2017. MENA and Europe will be represented by key actors from the private sector, political entities and civil society to lay out the way ahead to boost female employment in the MENA region and Europe. The conference is the first of its kind, building bridges between MENA and Europe,  while posing the pressing question of how to better integrate women within the context of expanding diverse societies: “When women work, economies win”!


The workshop series connects partnering MENA companies and business associations at a regional level. The first workshop  launched the series in Casablanca, Morocco in November 2016. Such in-depth workshops enable HR practitioners to discuss topics, create new ideas through sector cross-overs and exploit valuable input for the implementation of their GD projects.


The heart of the GD Circulator is the Peer-2-Peer exchange. 20 European companies are paired with  MENA-region corporate partners with similar interests and challenges on GDM. For 12 months, the peer companies intensively discuss their GDM initiatives and learning points. The first tandem pairs will present relevant and informative details of their journey during the upcoming conference in Berlin during 2017.

First round pairings


Umniah & King, DAO & Kleemann, Amen Bank & Capgemini France, Vermeg & ThyssenKrupp, Juhayna & Ahold-Delhaize and BMCI & Commerzbank.

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